Friday, 27 July 2012

The Watermark Performance by Claire Weetman

Today Claire performed The Watermark Performance fr the first time in the TRACE exhibition. She started from the gallery space and slowly made her way to the building entrance, leaving a trail of small squares created by painting water onto the surface of the floor. As she moved the squares left a trace of her journey and evaporated over time.

The performance was mesmerising with a rhythmic painting motion and clinking of the paint brush going into the jar, and her subtle knelling position that Claire would bounce up from after painting each square.

It wasn't before long that Claire had made her way to the pavement outside Motocade/FlashParade, where she started to trace and obstruct the passers by as they were making their own journeys.

Claire will be performing The Watermark Performance twice more over the weekend. Once tomorrow at 2pm and again on Sunday at 3pm.

It's free to watch and can be viewed at length or as long as you'd like to observe.

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