Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tonight's the night - preview of TRACE

After much preparation, planning and organising tonight has finally arrived. I've spent the week painting, sanding, hanging & curating the artwork & craft carefully selected to show in TRACE, and tonight both muself and Motorcade/FlashParade warmly invite you to join us for the preview and critique of the exhibition. We'll be opening the doors to the gallery, Motorcade/FlashParade at 6pm until 9pm to provide an evening of previewing work, meeting some of the artists & getting relaxing in the gallery with something refreshing from our bar. The idea for TRACE started back in January when I(Emily) found the gallery space in Bedminster. Having been trained in Finr Art and for the last few years having a battle with myself about what my practice is and whether I class my craft making as a hobby or part of it. It was at an early stage of my practice that I realised my role as an Arts Manager, so I am immensely proud to present to you TRACE. The exhibition beings together two main questions & concepts in my work. I've already mentioned one, but the other is the idea and notion of something being imprinted and left behind. Whether you can make it to the preview tonight or over the weekend I hope you enjoy the exhibition. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas yourself I'd love to hear them and will be in the gallery throughout the show. Thanks & happy viewing, Emily

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