Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Alex Marsh - Interstices and Retrofix IX

Today's the first day in the gallery space and work is being delivered for us to hang and curate. It's really exciting as up until now the work has only been seen via email and photograph, so to see everything in 'real life' is making the the idea of TRACE come to life.

One of the artists who delivered their work today was Alex Marsh from London.

Alex has two pieces that we're showing in TRACE. The first shown above called 'Interstices' and the second called 'Retrofix IX'. These beautiful photographic prints and meticulously printing and then details removed by hand to leave some what of a negative imprint of an image.

Having spoken to Alex it's clear that she is clearly interested in the skill and craftsmanship of creating and how are creation leaves a trace of the original.

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