Friday, 27 July 2012

Mini Magpies & I - Craft Market tomorrow

Last night's preview and critique was fantastic and a great celebration to open the show with. We had many an artist, maker and audience member participate in the conversation about art and craft, followed by a really yummy curry provided by Motorcade/FlashParade, the shutters to the space was open meaning we could sit in the evening sun and enjoy a glass or two of wine as well. The evening ended with a great DJ providing some tracks to mark the end of a lovely event.

And the fun continues this weekend with a Craft Market, where stalls and local makers will be selling beautiful and unique crafts. We've asked Sian Titchener, organiser of the market and Magpies & I to tell us a little more about what to expect -

Magpies & I was born out of my love of crafting and the pleasing feeling of finding a one-off.

Over a year ago I decided that I wanted to create a new type of market in Bristol, with a mission to merge and bring together sellers of handmade and vintage. I felt that the two labels, 'handmade' and 'vintage' were becoming a little fuzzy. Many hand-made objects were increasingly being constructed with 'vintage' skills that were being revived. Reworking pre used objects, such as buttons, lace and fabric to create jewellery, homewares, and stationary. Also a trend to upcycle; to turn 'retro' items in to new contemporary objects. The vintage sellers are increasingly becoming the suppliers to the crafters.

Over the year Magpies & I has really come together. I have worked very hard to ensure that we have a high standard of sellers, but to never make it exclusive. Many of the sellers are from creative backgrounds, that have stepped out to raise children, but now want an opportunity to 'create' again. Magpies & I is also about creating a social setting in which the sellers can meet like-minded people.

Of course I shouldn't forget the buyer, without their patronage the markets couldn't survive. The customers always walk away with a beautifully made product, and often a story. A story of how that item was created, where the vintage item originated from, all of this makes the experience so much more than just a 'purchase'. Those that attend often comment on how aesthetically pleasing the markets look. The love, care and time that all the sellers put into displaying their products on market day is always evident.

The future is also looking exciting and busy! Magpies and I is joining forces with two other creative like minded folk to create a new space in central Bristol. The space will provide floor space for handmade and vintage sellers to display and sell their work, workshops and skill swaps, space for small exhibitions and more with time.

This Saturday to run along side 'TRACE ',we will be offering a little taste of Magpies & I.
A dash of vintage and a little smidgen of handmade. 

Attending on Saturday will be Love Nettie.
This is the recent creative development by Lynette Evans, Artist and Maker. Lynette has studied fine art and has picked up and developed several self-taught craft skills over the years. She has a passion and curiosity for various vintage and antique items, in particular buttons. Lynette loves the idea of a history behind the item. The romantic idea of the memories they hold from those that once owned them. The basis of the work of Love Nettie is to re-use otherwise old, broken, dis guarded, unfashionable items and create something beautiful to adorn yourself or your home with.
If you are interested in learning more about her products please contact 
Another attending is Into the Loop the work of Lisa Whiting. She has always worked with traditional craft techniques such as knitting, crochet and embroidery to reference themes of history and nostalgia and enjoys injecting a contemporary twist to her 'products' with elements of surprise and unexpected results. 

Please visit or contact me at for more information. 

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