Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Kevin Walker - C-Traces

We're really excited to have Kevin Walker amongst those exhibited in Trace at Motorcade/FlashParade from the 26th to the 29th July.

Kevin has recently finished a residency at Spike Island in Bristol and has worked nationally and internationally for a number of years. His practice includes a PHD in which his studies focused on the context of museum objects and the audiences' interaction with them - a perfect partnership between an artist and our organisation Context!

Unfortunately the work that we were hoping to show by Kevin will not be ready in time for the exhibition. However, we're really pleased that Kevin will be exhibiting C-Traces a series of prints of time, motion and depth studies. They hint at the liminal space between digital and physical, and the traces we leave in both worlds. The title refers to a command in the C programming language to monitor the execution of a program, as well as the physical medium the image is fixed on.

An image of the work can be seen  here.

CTrace is the only digital artwork being exhibited amongst paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and performances.

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