Saturday, 4 August 2012

Final blog for TRACE

It's been a week since TRACE was open to the public in Bristol and I've had chance to take down the exhibition, and reflect on how it went. Being a critical Arts Manager I plan and arrange for situations, including plan B's just in case things go wrong. However, I'm thrilled and slightly overwhelmed that TRACE went remarkably smoothly and above everything I'm hugely proud to have put together the exhibition.

There are a number of people that I have to thank and acknowledge for the smooth deliver of TRACE and for it's over all success. The first of those are the artists and makers that submitted their work to be exhibited. It was a pleasure to work with them and to show their skills, talents, and creativity in a group exhibition. We had thirteen artists and makers exhibiting with nineteen pieces, all very different but came together to create a visually stimulating and provocative show.

The second is of course Motorcade/FlashParade, without Penny and Julie's help and support TRACE would have never got off the ground. Their advice and interest in the subject of contemporary craft and visual arts provided the exhibition with an in depth investigation, including the critique led with Julie where we discussed the difference and similarities between the two mediums of making work.

Another thank you goes to my pop-up support from Minno Kitchen and Bristol Magpies and I Market. They transformed the foyer of BV Studios and provided the community passing by and audiences visiting with tasty treats both for the eye and the taste buds.

A final acknowledgement goes to the audiences to the exhibition and participants of the workshop. Since the beginning of my career I have been incredibly interested with the connection of the art and artists vision to the audience and observer. Without one you cannot have the other. The audience's interest in the exhibition, comments and conversations I relished in having with them, and the enjoyment of taking part in something creative and exciting was incredibly fulfilling and made me realise that my role is very much two sided and happily so. On one side I support artists and their practice, and on the other I provide opportunities for the public to engage in high quality artistic practice.

It was the first Context Arts project to take place in Bristol and had visitors from local areas of Bristol, to further afield in the South West and as far away as Scotland. With a week's break I'm back to organising the next Context Arts project, which is due to take place in Bedminster Down in October 2012..... so watch this space for more blogs, more artist call outs, and lots more ways to get involved.  

Until next time,

Context Arts founder and Co-ordinator

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