Monday, 18 June 2012

Trace Artists and Makers confirmed

It's just over two weeks since the deadline for applicants to our open call of submissions to exhibit in Trace, of which we were completely overwhelmed as we received 108 applications all of a really high standard. After spending time going through all of them and deliberating the content of the show we're pleased to announce the following people will be exhibiting work in our exhibition 'Trace' at Motorcade/FlashParade in Bristol later in July -

Chris Millward, with a sculpture cast
Alec Stevens, with an installation sculpture
Kevin Walker, with a digital interactive project
Wendy MacMillian, with two installations
Helen Flanagan and Alex Bailey, with a collaborative book
Joanne Barlow, with a ceramic installation
Delmonte, with a series of paintings
Katie Edwards, with an installation
Sarah King, with an installation
Alex Marsh, with photographice paintings
Claire Weetman, with a time based performance
Freya Kruczenyk, with a series of photographs
Laura McGarth, with two sculptures

Over the next few weeks leading up to the exhibition we will of course be sharing more about the individual artists and the pieces that will be on display, and in some cases for sale.

Many thanks to Motorcade/FlashParade for their help in selecting those the exhibit.

Context Project Manager

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