Friday, 22 June 2012

Alec Stevens - Free/Tree Series

Alec Stevens is the first of our thirteen artists and makers to feature on our blog, which we're writing to tell you more about his work that will be exhibited in the Trace exhibition taking place at Motorcade/FlashParade from the 26th to the 29th July.

Alec's work looks at changing the status of objects from those that were once made into something new through means of craft. The original objects used are freely acquired or detritus found in gutters, corners and side alleys which then are reused outside or their traditional concepts to create replicas using wood and carvings. Using lime wood and hand carving, Alec Steven's remakes the collected objects that have all had a past and found at a point which there is no more attachment or importance. Their existence within the piece is an echo and through intervention have been pushed into importance through their new placement.

The work that will be exhibiting in Trace is named 'Free/Tree Series', a piece consisting of six found objects, as well as six remade ones created in reverse.

Alec Stevens graduated from a Craft Degree in 3D Material Practice from Brighton in 2011 and has recently moved to Bristol to continue his practice.

For more information about Alec Stevens you can visit his website -

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